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"Cheyenne delivered our keynote address for the 2018 NS Leadership Prayer Breakfast in front of over 400 attendees. We prepared for this event over four months and I got to watch Cheyenne work in various roles including as a collaborator with the Police Chief and helping us develop the program. Her speech was so impactful that it left many in the audience in tears. But, the key was that it moved many people to action, either through philanthropic works or making a point to visit a Church again. It also moved people to join our committee that had never been involved in the past!" 

David Finlayson, Chair Nova Scotia Leadership Prayer Breakfast

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Conversation with Cheyenne and Victor Malarek on The Sheldon MacLeod Show to discuss the federal government's recent announcement to invest $51 million dollars to combat domestic human trafficking. 

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Cheyenne provides her expertise and insight toTom Murphy in response to the provincial government's decision to invest $1.4 million dollars to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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Cheyenne provides her response to RCMP comment of the rise in the number of police reported incidents of human sex trafficking in Nova Scotia. 



Featured piece on Cheyenne and her Buyer Beware Conference. Cheyenne addresses the current state of human trafficking in Halifax and gives her reason for organizing the conference.




Cheyenne has a conversation with Sherri Borden Colley, regarding Buyer Beware Conference and the need for police to focus on Johns.

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Feature piece on Cheyenne and her viewpoint on local human trafficking in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

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Cheyenne provides response to the RCMP statement that domestic human trafficking in Nova Scotia is on the rise. Cheyenne provides her expertise and a fresh perspective on the matter.



Coverage of Cheyenne's 2019 Buyer Beware Conference - the first held in Atlantic Canada to focus on the end user and expose the culture of tolerance surrounding the marketplace of commercial sexual exploitation.



Special feature detailing Cheyenne's unique experience and her success as a Business Administration student at Nova Scotia Community College.

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