Your potential is dependent upon your willingness to pursue growth. Becoming better equipped will influence those around you — a transformed you will impact the world.

I am all about transformation. I know what it's like to bear the weight of pain, shame and guilt and to break free from their chains to a life of peace and victory. If I can do it, so can you!

My name is Cheyenne, and I’m your friend. You matter to me. I want to walk with you as you fulfill your potential — I want to help you change your world.

You have the potential to transform your world.

My story:

Choice is a powerful weapon. How you choose to deal with trials can determine your healing, recovery time and growth. I choose to grow, heal and thrive from the trauma of child hood sexual abuse and secrets of sexual exploitation that once held me bound. As a result, I have found a path of faith, freedom and restoration. Now, I would like to encourage and help you along your journey. Healing is possible and freedom is attainable.