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You have the potential to transform your world.

Your potential is dependent upon your willingness to pursue growth. A better you will influence the lives of those around you — a transformed you will change the world.

Transformation is possible. I know what it's like to bear the weight of pain and shame. And I know the work needed to break free from their chains to a life of peace

and freedom. If I can do it, so can you!

Your growth matters to me and I am committed to providing you the support you need on your journey.

I want to help you transform the world.

Everyone has a story

Your story is unique — just like you. No matter what you may have experienced, how you choose to deal with your trial will determine the time required for healing, recovery, and growth. 

My healing journey began when I chose to ask for help and began to tell my story of childhood trauma — and I've never looked back!

Whether you share your story with others or hold it close, it is my hope that you will embrace your journey and begin to walk the road to freedom. I would love to help you get there.

Watch as Cheyenne publically shares her story for the first time, as co/Keynote Speaker at the 2018 Nova Scotia Leadership Prayer Breakfast.

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About Cheyenne

I live in Mi'kma'ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq People. My home is Halifax, Nova Scotia with my three children. I was born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia which is now part of the larger city of Halifax. 

Trauma is something with which I am all too familiar. Sexual abuse, paternal abandonment, and a witness to violence all resulted in childhood trauma with lasting effects. At age 9, my family moved from an inner-city neighborhood in Dartmouth to an unwelcoming town two hours away where I became one of the few racialized children.

After high school, I moved back to Dartmouth, but unaddressed trauma has a way of following you. The psychological effects of an unkept pregnancy coupled with earlier life experiences led me spiraling into a dark depression.


In the blink of an eye, I entered the dark world of prostitution, leading to yet another new and damaging form of trauma. Months later, I realized I did not want this lifestyle to be my destiny and I walked out and never looked back.


I tried navigating life alone without once revealing my trauma or secrets, but the weight of shame was heavy and it affected several areas of my life. On the eve of a planned abortion, I had a spiritual encounter with God that would change the course of my life and the life of my unborn child.  We all have watershed moments — turning points — after which we will never be the same. This was one.  


After the birth of my daughter, she and I moved to Toronto, Ontario to escape the harmful memories of Nova Scotia. We remained for 12 years. It was there where my relationship with God deepened, and I pursued forgiveness.


In an unexpected turn, I said farewell to Toronto and begrudgingly moved back to Halifax, the city that knew my secrets and pain. Little did I know, the city I ran away from was exactly where I needed to return for restoration and growth.


A second watershed moment came in 2016 when I first heard the term Human Trafficking. Not only did it happen in Nova Scotia, but the very city in which I lived, is a recruitment hub in our region.


I knew I had to help and to do so, I would need to heal and share my story. From this moment on, I embarked on a path of intentional healing — a path I am still on — and this is where I want you to join me. 


Cheyenne co-created the Buyer Beware Conference in response to data collected from Halifax Regional Police Department (HRP) that reports only two sex buyers have been arrested since 2014, despite Halifax having the highest rate of police-reported human trafficking in Canada.


Upon learning of HRP's alarming refusal to hold sex buyers (referred to as Johns) accountable for the harm they cause to society, Cheyenne organized the 2019 Buyer Beware Conference to expose the culture of tolerance surrounding the marketplace of commercial sexual exploitation.


Buyer Beware is the first free conference of its magnitude in Atlantic Canada to address the need to end the demand for sexual exploitation of girls and women. World-renown Investigative Journalist/Author Victor Malarek, shared the stage with a distinguished lineup of anti-sex trafficking advocates to offer their varying perspectives of the societal harms caused by Johns and the necessity of law enforcement to hold them accountable.



Brenda Saunders_Todd

Brenda Saunders/Todd, CEO Dress for Success Halifax, Founder The Social Boutique Halifax

Cheyenne Jones is the REAL DEAL! Cheyenne stops time when she's speaking, as her delivery is combined with personal content and stories that are uplifting and motivating.


Cheyenne is incredibly grounded, relatable, and a breath of fresh air, as she lives life to the fullest by embracing and taking all opportunities that move her forward. 

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Victoria, Teacher,
Halifax Regional Municipality

As a teacher, I am forever grateful to have been able to hear Cheyenne Jones speak at The Taken Conference. She captivates her audience with her genuine passion for this work. She achieves remarkable success in supporting victims of human trafficking because she cares about people deeply.

Her honest and direct approach to public speaking is structured and focused communication - providing her audience with appropriate tools to learn more and most importantly, to take action. Cheyenne’s words come from the heart and from her devotion to helping others be their best self. Her desire to help victims of human trafficking find safety, regain their independence, and right to make choices about their own lives, is central in her message. Cheyenne Jones is incredibly knowledgable, fearless, and a gift to those she teaches about self-love. As an educator, I rely on her important message, tools, and advice for supporting victims of human trafficking. 


Rev. Dr. Lennett J. Anderson, Senior Pastor EBC, The Meeting Place

Cheyenne Jones is an exceptional communicator with an authentic voice in this generation. She has a genuine love for people and delivers life-transforming truths that break down barriers and restore hope to all. Cheyenne shares her personal journey as a means to inspire action that will lead to meaningful change.


This engaging and dynamic individual has an incredible ability to convey inspirational and motivational messages that will resonate with the audience long after delivery. If you’re looking for a speaker who will engage, inspire and challenge a group of individuals to rise above and become strong and courageous human beings, please consider Cheyenne.

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