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Ocean Rocks


Your story matters. Your growth matters.

Finding the courage to share your story can be difficult especially when it involves childhood sexual abuse, violence, or sexual exploitation  I know because I was there.


It took me seven hours to work up the nerve to share my story. It was a beautiful summer day and I was spending it with a dear friend. I knew this was the day I would finally share.


As we sat in a coffee shop, I fought off the ever-present desire to run out of the cafe and remained firmly in my seat — desperate for freedom. Before long, I began to talk and never looked back. Healing is possible and freedom is attainable!

I would like to offer a genuine listening ear and a safe place to share, just as my dear friend had offered me.  Let's take this journey together. 

Let’s walk together.

Submitted stories will remain anonymous and will not be shared without consent. Forward your story to or complete the form below:

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